Wednesday, February 13, 2013

New to Blogger

Been changing up the layout and changed my profile picture. The background picture is of shoes I made for my friend awhile back. It's a few letters from Edward Gorey's The Gashlycrumb Tinies. Those shoes were fun to make. It was just cheap shoes we found at Payless then painted white and used sharpie for the drawings. I finished that with some clear water proofing spray.

The profile picture has a few crafty things I've gotten into the past few months. I made a lot of kandi for a couple of raves that I went to. The pattern making for those actually helped me with a few patterns that I've made for crocheting and knitting. I just learned knitting from my mom to make the ravenclaw and slytherin scarfs. And Batgirl. I love Batgirl. Cass Cain Batgirl, not any others.

I actually have this funny story about learning to knit. I tried to make a panel of knitting to practice and so I decided to make the batgirl symbol. The knitting went ok, and I think that was the first time I used purling but the panel kept curling! I was at my folk's house and had no idea where the iron was (my mom was attempting to organize her mountains of stuff) but I did know where the stove was and pans. Well I had the brilliant idea of using the bottom of a pan. I sprayed the panel with water and got a towel, heated the bottom of the pan then pressed it on the panel. Well, I was using acrylic yarn, and wouldn't you know, that stuff melts.... I ended up throwing everything out. Luckily I took a picture before it all happened and that is the picture at the bottom.

I recently found through tumblr and saw that he had a bunch of awesome patterns! He's so creative! My friend asked me to make a cozy and using his pattern for the hello kitty cozy, I was able to make an adorable Totoro one. I love everything he makes!

Blogger is so confusing to me! I'm having a hard time finding blogs to follow so if anyone knows good amigurumi blogs please let me know!

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