Monday, February 18, 2013

Cozy Crazy

Went a little cozy crazy this week.  Made the Totoro one for my friend and she took it to her office.  The next thing I know, I'm making a ton!  I started off with the Cthulhu one because I was familiar with making tentacles.  The next day I had an order for a Doraemon one.   

The formula I use is one that I adjusted from Denton's Inventions.  I use the Red Heart yarn mostly so I found that my cozies weren't big enough.  The pattern is pretty forgiving and I mostly just freestyle the designs on after doing a rough approximation on graph paper.

Currently working through the Avengers.  I wanted to do the JLA since I love love love DC way more than Marvel but sadly, I'm lacking a few colors.  I still have to do Hawkeye and Fury.  I've been doing comic versions of the cast but can't decide whether to make Fury comic version or movie version.


1. CH 40, SL ST with first chain
2-4. SC all (3 Rows)
5. (9 SC, DEC, 9 SC)*
5-7. SC all (3 Rows)
8. (17 SC, DEC)*
9-10. SC all (2 Rows)
11. (8 SC, DEC, 8 SC)*
12. SC all
SL ST to end

All detailing was done with yarn, except for Totoro's eyes which were made with buttons.

Cthulhu Tentacles:

Coil A: CH 16, (2 SC, INC)x5

Coil B: CH 13, (2 SC, INC)x4

On Row 12: 15 SC, Coil A, SC, Coil B, SC, Coil A, SC, Coil B, SC, Coil A, 15 SC

For all extremity items like the wings and ears, I wove the long finished end through the outer edge of the wings/ ears to help them keep the shape.

Captain America's Wings:

1. CH 4, Turn
2. 3 SC, CH 4, Turn
3. 3 SC, 3 HDC, turn
4. 5 SC, CH 4, Turn
5. 3 SC, 5 HDC, Turn
6. 6 SC, CH 4, Turn
7. 3 SC, 6 HDC, finish

Totoro Ears:

1. CH 4, turn
2. 1 SC, INC, 1 SC, CH 1, Turn
3. 1 SC, DEC, 1 SC, CH 1, Turn
4. DEC, finish

Any ideas of what I should do next?

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  1. I finally signed up for a Blog !
    I need to learn how to do free hand from drawings. I can't wait to be able to do that. Also, I've seen some images of crochet cozies that cover like the whole mug and has a hole for the handles. those are nice too.