Sunday, February 10, 2013

Moogle Making

This post goes out to shuraiya. Thanks for being interested. 
I learned most of my crocheting from my mom and goldenjellybean. This pattern's base, hands, and jacket are an adaption from goldenjellybean's link sackboy. Please look her up! 
If there are any questions feel free to leave a comment and I'll answer it as best as I am able. This is my first pattern so it may have a few errors >.< 

MC: Magic Circle or however you like to start. 
SC: Single Crochet 
INC: Standard increase (two single crochet in one stitch) 
DEC: Invisible decrease 
CH: Chain 
HDC: Half Double Chrochet 
()*: Repeat whats in the bracket all around the row 

Colors used: 
Gold-hair - nose 
light brown - body 
brown - pants/belt 
dark brown - gloves, boots, ears, eyebrows, stitches on pants 
white - shirt 
green - jacket 
yellow - details on jacket 
orange - wings, ball on head 
black - mouth 

Montblanc FFTA 

Head: light brown 

1.MC 6 
2.INC all 
3.(1 SC, INC)*
4.(2 SC, INC)* 
5.(3 SC, INC)* 
6.(4 SC, INC)* 
7.(5 SC, INC)* 
8.(6 SC, INC)* 
9-14.(SC)* 6 Rows 
15.13 SC, DEC, 8 SC, DEC, 8 SC, DEC, 13 SC 
17.13 SC, INC, 7 SC, INC, 7 SC, INC, 13 SC 
18.14 SC, INC, 8 SC, INC, 8 SC, INC, 13 SC 
19.15 SC, INC, 9 SC, INC, 9 SC, INC, 13 SC 
20-23. (2 SC, DEC)* 4 Rows 
24.DEC untill 11 stitches left 

insert eyes and hair and stuff firmly 

Body: light brown 

1.INC all except for last stitch. 1 SC in last stitch. 
2.(SC)* change to white 
3-8.(SC)* 6 Rows change to brown 
9.(2 SC, INC)* 
10.(3 SC, INC)* 
11.(4 SC, INC)* 
12.(5 SC, INC)* 
13. back loop (5 SC, DEC)* 
14. back loop (4 SC, DEC)* stuff 
15. back loop DEC all until closed.

add details to pants (ie. stitches) with dark brown yarn. pull the front and back stitches tight so the pants bend inward in the middle to look like two legs of pants.

Legs: brown

(a.n. if you need help with this part, check out goldenjellybean's tutorial on picking up stitches on her youtube channel.) 

1.pick up 7 stitches where the leg should be 
3-8.(SC)* 6 Rows change to dark brown 
9-10.(SC)* 2 Rows stuff 
11.DEC in back loop until closed 

Turtleneck: white 

1.CH 4 
2.3 SC, CH 1, Turn
3.continue untill desired length then sew around neck. 

Jacket: green 

1.CH 30 
2.SC for about 8 rows or untill desired length. change to yellow 
3.In original chain, SC with yellow in the side that doesn't have the green SC then sew around body. add yellow details on the front of the jacket. 

Arms (make 2): 

(a.n. also check out the tutorial on hands and fingers on goldenjellybean's youtube channel) green 

1.pick up 6 stitches from jacket
3-4.stitch in back loops for the top half of arm (6 sc) and front loops for bottom half of the arm (6 SC). 2 Rows. 
5-8.(SC)* 4 Rows 
9.back loops (SC)* change to dark brown 
10-11.(SC)* 2 Rows 
12.start fingers. 1 Row dark brown 2 rows light brown. 

Ears (make 2): dark brown 

1.MC 6
3.(1 SC, INC)* 
4.(2 SC, INC)* 
5.(INC, 3 SC)* 
6-8.(SC)* 3 Rows change to light brown 
9-18.(SC)* 10 Rows 
19.(DEC, 3 SC)* 
20-21.(SC)* 2 Rows 
22.(DEC, 2 SC)* tie off 

Belt (with smaller hook or thinner yarn): brown 

1.CH 3 
2.2 SC, CH 1, Turn 
3.repeat until desired length and sew onto waist. 

Wings (make 2): orange 

1.CH 5, Turn 
2.4 SC, CH 3, turn 
3.2 SC, 4 HDC, CH 1, turn 
4.5 SC, CH 1, turn 
5.5 SC, CH 1, turn 
6.5 SC, CH 3, turn 
7.2 SC, 5 HDC, CH 1, turn 
8.6 SC, CH 1, turn 
9.6 SC, CH 1, turn 
10.6 SC, CH 3, turn 
11.2 SC, 6 HDC tie off and sew to back 

Ball above head: orange

(a.n. I attatched it to the head and ball by using black 18 gauge craft wire and rolling the ends in masking tape then shoving it through the stuffing in both the head and ball.)

1.MC 6 
3.(1 SC, INC)* 
4.(2 SC, INC)* 
5-10.(SC)* 6 Rows 
11.(2 SC, DEC)* stuff 
12.DEC untill closed add additional details with felt (ears) and yarn (face)

Completed Project:


  1. Love this little guy... need to add him to my queue!!!

  2. Thank you! I hope he works out for you! Let me know if you have any questions :)

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