Wednesday, February 20, 2013

JLA vs. Avengers

Just finished the Justice League of America.  Really like how Flash came out. Batman's ears are a little floppy for my liking but they look alright.

I only had these cans...

Also finished the Avengers.

Comic versions of everyone except for movie Fury because he was easier...

I still like the JLA better.

There were a lot of loose ends in the back for the color changes but half way through I used a technique that I learned for Fair Isle knitting for colors that were used close together in a row, like in Hawkeye's mask, where you twist the yarns around each other in the back.  It greatly reduces the amount of loose yarns though you do end up using a bit more yarn.

Another thing, the rows move in a spiral pattern so you have to adjust the design for that. I often offset a row in between in order to keep things straight.

Other than that, this made me realize how similar people's costumes were to each other.  I basically used the same colors over again.

I've run out of ideas for cozies but I might try a few more designs. I got a request for Alice in Wonderland and Ninja Turtles.

I'm hoping to go to the yarn store tomorrow so I can stock up before I find my next thing to make.  Let me know what you think and ideas are welcome.

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  1. Good Job !
    I just realized their all on beer cans haha.