Sunday, March 24, 2013

Slouching into Hats

My mom will be happy to know that I've been getting into hats lately.  It started when one of my friends wanted to know if I could make them a beanie.  I hadn't tried making one so I looked up a pattern on ravelry and got started.

Side note, I crochet really tightly.  So if you notice my patterns or anything not working out for you, that might be why.

Anyway, I tried making an R2D2 hat for my brother and it wasn't working out for me at all. It was so small even though I had already added a few more stitches.  Luckily, my brother has a small head, but even then it fit him barely.  So my first hat was a bust and, discouraged, I looked for another style of beanie.  I found a pattern for a slouchy beanie and decided to try and put a design on it. Since my friend wanted a Tako Luka hat (an octopus worn as a hat I guess would be the best way to describe that), I tried to put Luka's face on the beanie.  When I had finished the base hat and added the character's face, I tried it on and it went all the way over my head!  I was happy it fit but then I noticed that when it went over my head, the eyes were kind of where my eyes were and, BOOM, I had a new obsession. Slouchy beanie masks.

Tako Luka hat as hat:

Tako Luka hat as mask:

So I've started to make a bunch of them.  I've done a few pokemon like



And I'm still working on Iron Man:

But I think they're really fun.

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  1. Good Job !
    Keep working on them !
    I think they'd be a good seller at Kon. Just got to do research on which anime's are popular at the time :D