Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Black Lagoon

Update from this year's kon. After a week of stress, the cosplay from Black Lagoon turned out really well. The idea grew from one friend's costume to being a group of 5.  A few things didn't work out in the last week but, I think, overall they looked really good.

Here are some pictures from the anime:

The two costumes that needed the most work was Revy (with the purple hair and tattoo) and Shenhua (with the Chinese dress).  Luckily for the Revy costume, we found most of what we needed at a Goodwill after weeks of searching.  The wig was bought online and styled by my roommate and the tattoo was drawn on by me using random designs that look nothing like the original but got the idea across.

For Shenhua, I was really worried about making the jacket.  I'm not so good at making sleeves and collars so when we found something similar at Ross's, I jumped at the chance to take a short cut.  We bought the jacket, took off the front lapels and tags in the back and sewed on the gold/yellow bias strips all along the edges.  For the earrings, we found some pearl look alike earrings for cheap, painted them gold using nail polish since the gold paint didn't work (which was a brilliant idea courtesy of my friend) used red tassels that we found at a fabric store and rolled them into the finished product tassels that turned out to be very light.  The shoes were also a trial but I ended up using fabric glue and a yellow string.  I had to sew the bows on so that her foot could fit, but it looks really good in pictures which I found amazing since it didn't look so hot up close.

For Mr. Chang and his minion (Chang has the scarf) we were lucky that they had those outfits.  My brother had a trench coat which was weird and awesome and we bought three yards of the off white material which I didn't have to end up cutting because my friend is that tall.

Our Rock (blue tie) didn't have hair because although we did get a wig, it wasn't a very good wig and it looked like a hair band gone wrong.  He wasn't in a lot of pictures, unfortunately, because he went to go play in a 40K (which is some kind of table top game that is really complicated) tournament.  He did win though so... CONGRATULATIONS!

And here's the final product.

We're already planning the costumes for next year, or at least bouncing around ideas.  This is always how it happens though.  The stress from this year makes me vow to never let it happen again, but it comes down to that last week and the sewing machines are at full throttle.

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